Dr. Andy Khawaja
Founder / CEO

Dr. Andy Khawaja –A Winning Entrepreneur of the Year

An avid traveler, Dr. Andy Khawaja—a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist—has harnessed the idea of global connectivity in Allied Wallet, since he founded the company in 2005. “I am a jet-setter, and enjoy making conversations with people all over the world and finding out what their goals are, what their needs are, and what they think is the future of commerce,” says Andy. “Similarly, Allied Wallet puts importance in the goals and needs of every country and culture. We want to connect people, protect transactions while enabling people to buy and sell more freely.”

Allied Wallet has been innovating the payment services industry since 2005, striving to create better payment solutions for online business owners and consumers. Throughout many years of innovation, they have faced their fair share of challenges – but Allied Wallet’s company culture and its leadership have always welcomed challenges as an opportunity for furthered success.

Allied Wallet is a leading provider of payment services worldwide. The company strives to make payments simpler and more secure and connect buyers and sellers all over the world online with integrated payment services. Regardless of the country or currency, Andy through Allied Walled gives users the ability to transact in their payment method of choice. “At Allied Wallet, we have so many features and payment services because we focus on the e-commerce market as a whole. We focus on ‘global’,” adds Andy. “We offer all the industry leading functionality within our NextGen Payment Gateway, but we also accept more alternative payment methods globally than anyone else.”

" We offer all the industry leading functionality within our NextGen Payment Gateway, but we also accept more alternative payment methods globally than anyone else. "

Transforming the Payment System

NextGen Payment Gateway has the ability to process multi-currency in 196 countries. Business owners can log in to their dashboard and easily track all their transactions. The solution also has a reloadable prepaid card system that merchants can use for employee/affiliate payouts, and this prepaid card links in to Allied Wallet’s eWallet—a secure digital wallet that people all over the world can use to shop online or even in store with their linked prepaid card. NextGen also supports mobile point of sale to make sure clients are given the best options for accepting payments. “All of this is protected with our state-of-the-art security, PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliance, and SHA-256 SSL encryption,” adds Andy.

With over 70 APIs, the Next Gen Payment Gateway allows for simpler integrations for merchants and payment processors. Additionally, any internet-connected applications and devices can access the state-of-the art functionalities of Next Gen. “We have built a system that will lead the payment industry, supporting 3rd party app development and even app creation within a new Allied Wallet App Store,” says Andy. “Our system is built to be entirely customizable and interactive.”

Merchants can now use Allied Wallet’s Tokenization API to build their own self-hosted payment pages without worrying about the scope of PCI. They will be protected by Allied Wallet’s PCI Level 1 security. Client-side development is natively JavaScript and secured by OAuth 2.0, allowing Allied Wallet to provide client-side JavaScript libraries that can be used on any platform. This allows support on any platform as well as support for native libraries.

The Next Gen Payment Gateway allows for universal integrations with any shopping cart solutions, analytics, booking, fundraising, and mobile payment platforms, leading the payment services industry in a direction of inter-connected services and simpler set up.

Allied Wallet is unique because they offer an all-inclusive solution. The company enables merchants to accept more payment methods than anyone else, offer more products and solutions for merchants’ businesses than anyone else. “With everything we offer, many would expect us to have higher rates – but we don’t. We offer rates starting at less than 1 percent,” explains Andy. “We pride ourselves on being the best option and we encourage more businesses to try Allied Wallet.”The company offers all the industry leading functionality within their NextGen Payment Gateway.

According to Andy, a client chooses Allied Wallet because they want dependability and not be shut down and have their business on pause for an unknown amount of time. The customers want connectivity and accept more payment types worldwide and not be limited in what types of payments they can accept or where their customers are. “We invite merchants to try Allied Wallet, even as a secondary payment processor in addition to their primary. They will quickly see why we are a global leader in payment processing. Allied Wallet gives you options and opportunity,” adds the steadfast leader.

The True Leader

It is pertinent to mention that Andy's goal was never just the fortune, his goal was to provide a product and service that would improve today’s economy, protect buyers and sellers, and innovate payments. Andy did not reach a multibillion-dollar net worth and his level of success overnight; his success is a product of perseverance and his dedication to giving something back.“Motivation is part of my life. I was born motivated. Motivation is all about what you can do for others, not about what you can do for yourself,” says Andy. This mentality of giving back and creating a service that enables other businesses to flourish by streamlining their payment processing is a key contributor to the success of Allied Wallet.

The Allied Wallet team has offices all over the world that support 196 countries. Andy strives to work alongside his team, day by day, to ensure that together they offer the best solution available. With over 150 million users worldwide, Andy and his team are making a global impact and transforming the payments industry worldwide.

In addition to his work in the digital payments sector, Andy stands out as a motivational speaker who has regularly gives talks and seminars at numerous international universities. He is a true motivator who has always guided the budding entrepreneurs’ in achieving their dreams and making it in the area of their choice. “My advice is to continue to chase your dreams. Work hard and work smart. Use all the tools available to help you grow your business and take advantage of the technology available to you. Do not limit yourself and provision for your own growth,” adds Andy. “Seek advice and work from the heart. Even when others doubt you, do not give up. Always remember that you are in control of your own success. Never let anyone slow you down or make you believe otherwise.”

Andy also supports nonprofit groups such as the United Service Organizations, Wounded Warrior Project, and the Brent Shapiro Foundation. Through his leadership position at Allied Wallet, he also organizes a range of corporate philanthropic and fundraising initiatives. Under his direction, Allied Wallet has expanded from its initial West Hollywood, California, location to include offices in global hubs such as Macau, Hong Kong, and London while serving more than 150 million customers around the world.


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Dr. Andy Khawaja, Founder / CEO


Allied Wallet is a global leader in online credit card processing / payment processing, multi-currency merchant services, digital eWallet solutions, software development, and a provider of a PCI Level 1 payment gateway.

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