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Boris Arciniegas
Founder & CEO

Business IT

Changing the World with Technology

Ecuador has struggled to receive a lot of attention from foreign investors, but recent studies have shown that it has the potential to become a key player in the economics of the Latin American region. Business IT, an Ecuador based startup has brought the country into limelight owing to their pioneering way to meet their client’s business goals through Green IT technology solutions. “We are a group of warriors who sought to change the world through technology. We have faced and defeated large multinationals companies seeking global domination and monopoly; to become one of the main technology companies in Latin America,” says Boris Arciniegas Founder & CEO of Business IT. He planned to build from day 0 an organization that generates a positive impact on the environment and society, not just financial profitability.

"We are the most innovative business group, specialist in high-tech computer services, with presence in several Latin American countries."

According to Boris, Green IT allows organizations to reduce their operational costs, increase efficiency, and improve productivity by adapting sustainable IT practices and taking care of the environment. The first way, which is the most direct: is to use cloud technologies as a leverage to optimize the operations of their customers. “These new technologies look for what we call building a “Digital Business” using state-of-the-art tools, we digitize and automate the main processes of a company,” explains Boris. “This generates benefits to the environment such as: significant reductions in electricity consumption, drastically reduce printing and paper use, eliminate the need for devices to store data such as USB, CD.” These technologies allow all offices to be managed remotely and centrally, as well as to enable mobile employees who can work from any device and from anywhere, avoiding the movement of people and the use of unnecessary infrastructure; taking care of the environment. “In relation to the environment, every year we plant a sufficient number of trees so that the footprint generated by all the staff of our organization is equal to zero. Its in our DNA,” adds Boris.

There are several qualities that have led Business IT to culminate into an industry leader including their ability to change faster than their competition. The second quality is to analyze the best practices of the most successful companies in the world: Google, Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft, etc. “After we analyze these practices, we adapt them to our reality and then quickly implement them as new processes. Example we use the same Google system to manage the company's objectives, called OKRs,” adds Boris. “Lastly, we have a large number of algorithms and automated workflows that allow you to bring all the external information flow to the right internal people in a timely manner. This allows us to scale rapidly with minimal resources.”

An exampling showcasing the company’s capabilities is that of one of the largest manufacture of ceramics and coatings who took Business IT’s assistance to solve their pain points. The client wanted a way to keep their sellers connected to their large stock of products from the warehouses at the time of making a sale. The challenge was to make this information available to their sales personnels in order to check the availability of the stock in a language they understood and improve the performance of their sales, regardless of their physical location and time. Business IT implemented chatbots who were capable of retrieving information of the stock and communicate it via Skype which could be accessed through a sales personnel’s mobile phone. Hence, leading to enhanced productivity and breaking the access barrier to information through their ERP. For the days to come the company is working on important projects which will enhance users experience. They are also looking towards international market, “we hope to open offices in new countries and offer customers unique technological solutions,” adds Boris.


Business IT


Boris Arciniegas
Founder & CEO


We are the most innovative business group, specialist in high-tech software services, with presence in several Latin American countries.

We have a team about 130 first level professionals for the execution of our projects.

We support our clients to meet their business goals through «Green IT» technology solutions. Green IT allows organizations to reduce their operational costs, increase efficiency and improve productivity through sustainable and environmentally friendly IT practices.

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