Terence Chou
General Manager

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Driven by a goal of providing unsurpassed design services coupled with efficient manufacturing at the highest industrial design and quality standards, Lanner started a journey more than three decades ago. This quest to be the quality, efficiency and cost leader for network ODM and OEM hardware has led Lanner to be the network appliance supplier of choice today, powering its customers’ successes in many diverse application domains.

Lanner, a public company listed on Taiwan stock exchange was conceived as an OEM/ODM manufacturing company supplying global name brand computer boards and peripherals. Lanner's product lines include network appliance platforms, rugged embedded computers, and telecommunication carrier-grade platforms. The company also specializes in network appliances, industrial computers, vehicle PCs, motherboards and related accessories.

" Lanner provides industry-leading products and services to its customers. "

Lanner USA, the US subsidiary of Lanner has been making waves pursuing a high growth strategy based on its proven leadership in networking, IoT, cybersecurity and telecom as well new inroads it has made with its Whitebox Solutions strategy in the vCPE, SD-WAN and 5G space. Along with its strong track record of delivering quality and excellence combined with innovative designs, the company is also a recognized key partner of various leading-edge chip companies including particularly, Intel, as a part of its Intel® Network Builders ecosystem, Intel® Select Solution program and Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kits Program.

To be a leader, an organization has to demonstrate ground-breaking technology, collaborative alliances with other industry leaders and be able to operate at scale worldwide, and Lanner, as a global organization has been doing exactly that since its inception. Lanner USA, under the stewardship of its dynamic chief executive, Terence Chou, General Manager, has assumed the mantle of upholding the company’s core competencies of quality, efficiency and innovation.Working hand in hand with major Tier-1 networking equipment OEMs and service providers in the US, Lanner USA has received high marks from its customers and partners, for combining its design innovations with a level of flexibility and reliability uncommon in this space. Openness and responsiveness are indeed the foundation on which Lanner provides industry-leading products and services to its customers. According to Mr. Chou, the commitment and the trust it has earned from its customers through years of its investment in their success, are the key elements of Lanner’s differentiation and how it stays ahead of its competitors in the industry. In more tangible terms, Lanner has invested in innovative new technologies as well as poured resources into partnering with customers to align their roadmap with the customers’, working with a strategic ecosystem and establishing global distribution capabilities to expand its reach.

As another recent example of how it has innovated by responding to the needs of its customers, Lanner has leveraged its expertise in network security and edge computing to narrow down the hardware specification for targeted application domains into customizable standard products, which it refers to as Whitebox Solutions. These Whitebox Solutions are designed to meet the common requirements of most customers for a specific application, with complete system certifications and advanced functionality such as Wi-Fi and LTE that meet the compliance requirements of major countries, without losing the ability to customize the branding and aesthetics. And best of all, given their positioning as standard products, there are no lead times, no minimum order quantities and no NRE costs. With Whitebox Solutions, Lanner brings to bear its deep experience in innovative hardware design, along with its knowledge of recent trends in networking and security to provide its customers with fully certified ready-to-ship hardware, which for them, equates to the shortest time-to-profit. Lanner’s whiteboxes are targeted to a growing number of modern networking applications such as SD-WAN and uCPE/vCPE, and are also more cost-effective because of their scale.

By working collaboratively with their customers to stay on top of their requirements and industry trends such as new processors and networking & security technologies, Lanner has established themselves as a high-quality hardware partner that its customers can count on being there even as their requirements change—this commitment and investment in their customers’ success has been rewarded by customers, making Lanner their preferred vendor for their future products.


Lanner Electronics USA, Inc.


Terence Chou, General Manager


Lanner Electronics Inc is a world leading provider of design, engineering and manufacturing services for advanced network appliances and rugged applied computing platforms for system integrator, service providers and application developers.

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